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Vending/Exhibiting Space



The audience of attendees at the Novi Pet Expo presented by Pet Supplies Plus is an affluent, highly engaged, pet-loving crowd, leaning toward women and homeowners, ages 25-54. These folks fully embrace the responsibilities of pet-ownership and are actively seeking new products and information that can help enhance the quality of life for the animals in their care. In 2021, more than 1,200 well-socialized furry citizens also joined the expo fun with their owners, with not a single unfriendly altercation reported! This is a premier audience and exhibiting opportunity for any company interested in marketing pet-related products or services, as well as any other business interested in marketing to this desirable demographic. Non-pet related exhibitor space rental is very limited, in order to preserve the overall integrity and atmosphere of the Pet Expo.

Exhibit your Company or

Non-Profit Organization

at the Novi Pet Expo!





For-Profit Pet Related 10x10 - $400
For-Profit Pet Related 10x20 - $600
For-Profit Pet Related 10x30 - $1000
For-Profit Pet Related 10x40 - $1200
For-Profit Pet Related 20x20 - $1400
For-Profit Pet Related 20x30 - $1600

Corner Space Fee: Additional $50

End Cap (Must be 10x20 minimum): $100


For-Profit Non Pet Related 10x10 - $750
For-Profit Non Pet Related 10x20 - $1150
For-Profit Non Pet Related 10x30 - $1400
For-Profit Non Pet Related 20x20 - $1700
For-Profit Non Pet Related 20x30 - $1900

Corner Space Fee: Additional $50

End Cap (Must be 10x20 minimum): $100


Non-Profit Organizations

Non Profit 10×10 – $250 & 25 tickets

Non Profit 10×20 – $350 & 35 tickets

Non Profit 10×30 – $450 & 45 tickets

Non Profit 10×40 – $500 & 50 tickets

Non Profit 20×20 – $600 & 60 tickets

Non Profit 20×30 – $700 & 70 tickets


Corner Space Fee: Additional $50

End Cap (Must be 10x20 minimum): $100


The Pet Expo has created a program to facilitate in the fundraising initiative

of Non-Profit & Rescue Organizations. Every Non-Profit & Rescue Organization that signs

up for a booth at the Novi Pet Expo will be given the a block of tickets that they can sell

for a minimum of $8 each.  All of the money collected from these tickets goes to the

organization, with the exception of the booth fee. In order to receive these tickets the

organizations must fill out the Application Form and must have payment in full 

before the tickets will be sent out.


If you are a Rescue, desiring to bring adoptable animals to the event please click the Rescue Organization Button below...

Set-Up Dates and Times

Thursday, November 10th at 9:00am-6:00pm

Vehicles can be driven up to booth space

Friday, November 11th at 9:00am-1:00pm

(Show opens at 2:00pm)

NO Vehicles permitted for drive-in/move-in


Electrical and Internet not included with booth space

If you need electrical or internet for your booth space please download and fill out the forms below.

For information regarding Exhibit Space or Bulk Space please contact....


Jackie McMahon

Show Director


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